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    Special Process Server (SPS)

         ("Serving Legal Documents to intended Party")

Camera on a tripod


Special Process Server(SPS)

(Criminal/Civil/Domestic Cases)


Our Record

- We are a Private Investigator's & Legal Research Support Agency and have been also serving as a Special Process Server, among other jobs, since 2019. 


As such, it has required skills, knowledge and a creative deal of wittiness to get this job done. 


And as a Special Process Servers, we are tasked with serving Legal Documents with Legal ramification for either party because sometime due to the means and methods are needed to get a person served. 


Photo/Video Evidence



It can be pretty tricky because of the ways some people attempt to dodge being serviced with legal papers.    ("Serving Legal Documents to the correct intended Party" has been done in various  case types to include, Criminal, Civil & Domestic Cases)


 *Our Services are offered for Legal/Court Related Purposes ONLY:

 *(ex. Attorneys, Property Owners, Car Dealerships, Debt Collectors, etc.)


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