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Private Investigations & Legal Research Support Services in Civil, Domestic & Criminal Cases

Civil Litigation Attorney -
Investigative Assistance Services

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We Provide Civil Litigation

Attorney Assistance



Our Record

* We have also Performed Results Driven/ Effective Witness Interviews & Client's Personal Injury Photos from Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA), Dog Bites, allegations of Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse, Work Place Injuries, Slip-n-Fall, Property Liability Injuries or Other Type Personal Injuries sustained.

*We have Performed Witness/Canvas Interviews in Allegations/Charges of Thefts, Vandalism or Misdemeanors Investigation Cases, etc.


Case Reports

*We Provide to Our Civil Litigation Attorney-Clients and the Legal Community, Reasonable Case Updates during the investigation process.

*We also Provide a Detailed Case Report upon Completion of any Case Related Civil Litigation Interview as Requested by the Client.

* Services Provided as a Freelance Litigation Paralegal to Assist with

Pre-Trial & Trial Preparation, and/or 

 In- Courtroom Assistance are Performed in Accordance to a Signed Agreement with the Hiring Attorney.  


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